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They were honest, reliable and hardworking. I would definitely recommend them to anyone seeking a professional, caring group of lawyers. My phone calls were answered promptly. I was delighted with their results and would highly recommend them.

Are you experiencing retaliation because you complain about unfair or disparaging treatment or report possible unlawful activities at work?

The Lacy Employment Law represents employees and business owners in Philadelphia's employment-related legal cases. Andrew Lacy is an experienced lawyer with more than 30 years of experience dealing with cases that involve allegations of discrimination, harassment, and illegal retaliation. He handles cases under the Fair Labor Standards Act and Family and Medical Leave Acts as well Federal False Claims Act and Sarbanes Oxley violations. The Lacy Employment Law offers a free consultation.

For 40 years, we have been at the forefront of change in employment law, making the workplace better for all employees while helping employers remain in compliance.

The Lacy Employment Law, a law firm with offices in Philadelphia, Allentown and Reading, was established in 1999. It represents employees involved in sexual abuse, harassment and whistleblower cases. It can help individuals get damages for car and truck accidents as well as medical malpractice, dog bites and slips & falls. Leonard Hill, a founding partner in the firm, is a Member of the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association, and the American Association for Justice. Since its founding, Lacy Employment Law is the recipient of more than $500 Million in awards.

labor law lawyers for employees

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The Philadelphia employment attorneys at The Lacy Employment Law Firm are skilled in all areas of Pennsylvania and New Jersey employment and workplace discrimination law. For over 40 years, the New Jersey employment lawyers at the firm have represented countless clients in cases involving such issues as contract negotiations, labor disputes, wrongful termination, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, business “divorces”, shareholder oppression and whistleblower claims.

The Lacy Employment Law is multi-practice law firm serving clients in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. It represents employees in employment-related cases, including retaliation and age and gender discrimination. To assist clients, the firm's lawyers work with a variety of experts such as doctors, vocational specialists and tax experts. Mike Silver and Cynthia J. Silver founded the firm in 1981. Mike helped Pennsylvania's legislature pass legislation regarding medical records accessibility by persons with disabilities.

You may be entitled to compensation if you are the victim of sexual harassment. This could include unwelcome advances, sexual favors requests, or crude comments, gestures, or pictures.

Below is a selection of our results. Every case is unique and must be evaluated on its merits. Your individual facts and legal circumstances may affect the results. Due to confidentiality agreements made by corporate employers we are unable to reference more than 2000 settlements that were obtained for our clients. These are the cases that we are most proud of and those that we are able to publicly refer to below.

A contract could be negotiated. An experienced attorney can help in these negotiations. An attorney can help you hold the employer responsible for breaching the contract.

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Martindale-Hubbell Bar Register recognized Lacy Employment Law Firm in its role as a leading law firm in civil rights and employment law. Our Philadelphia employment law firm represents both employers and employees in all aspects of employment-related litigation. Our New Jersey employment lawyers are well-versed in representing both employers and employees in employment and civil rights cases.

Do you feel retaliated against for complaining of unfair or discriminatory treatment in the workplace or for reporting illegal activity at the office?

Their communication and guidance was exceptional and much appreciated. They were always available to me and attentive to all my needs. An excellent professional and confidant in legal matters.

Once I became their client, The Lacy Employment Law Firm took the time to really listen and understand my situation. Some other firms either concluded prematurely that I was wasting my time, while others suggested some immediate course of action before even considering many of the relevant details of my situation. (The devil is in the details, as they say!) In due course, working together, a realistic strategy was developed.If your situation has a chance of being resolved favorably, The Lacy Employment Law Firm is the law firm that can succeed, even in complicated situations that other firms are not capable of handling. As events in my case unfolded, Lacy Employment Law and Associates worked diligently on my behalf, and made sure that they thoroughly understood my somewhat unusual and complex situation. They stayed on top of my situation and adapted their approach as events progressed. All parties involved obtained a clear understanding of the situation, and of the reasonable options available.

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Martindale-Hubbell Bar Register recognizes Lacy Employment Law Firm, as a top-ranking law firm in the fields of employment law and civil right litigation. Our Philadelphia employment lawyer firm is primarily focused on the representation of employees and employers in all aspects regarding employment-related litigation. Our New Jersey-based and Pennsylvania employment lawyers have significant experience representing both private and public sector employees as well as employers in civil rights and employment cases.

The Law Office of The Lacy Employment Law was established in 1984. The firm's team of Philadelphia-based employment lawyers serves clients in Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey. The firm represents employees who have suffered workplace harassment, discrimination and sexual harassment, wrongful termination, retaliation and unpaid wages. American Academy of Trial Attorneys has named Christopher F. Bagnato as one of the Primer 100 Trial Attorneys of Pennsylvania.

Retaliation is often a major concern for workers who seek to end unlawful behavior from their employers or seek redress for the damages they have suffered. The issue may not be of concern to the employee, but it could still affect their job satisfaction.

The Lacy Employment Law represents Philadelphians in employment disputes. It is able to handle cases involving retaliatory dismissal, sexual harassment and workplace discrimination. The firm also deals with cases related to automobile accident, medical negligence, product liability, wrongful deaths, and eviction. Andrew Lacy, the co-owner of the firm, was honored by the National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys with the title of one of the top 10 lawyers under 40. Gregory Creed Littman (partner and co-owner of the firm) is a member in New Jersey and Florida.

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All parties could assess the matter from informed perspectives. At the end, all parties reached a fair resolution in a professional way that was acceptable to them. This result has given me the chance to start a new profession (now moving forward successfully), without having to worry about the financial hardships or "going it alone". Lacy Employment Law and his team made it possible for us to make a fresh start. We have the experience, knowledge and commitment of Lacy Employment Law. The best decision that a person could make in their life is to seek out the best legal counsel possible for employment matters. The Lacy Employment Law Firm offers the best.

The Lacy Employment Law is a law firm that provides representation in employment law cases to clients in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. It focuses on employment discrimination, including national origin, race, age, religious affiliation, and disability. It also offers assistance in sexual harassment cases in the workplace. The Lacy Employment Law has been defending clients against injustices and injuries since 1947, supporting organizations such as the United Steelworkers and Berks Community Health Center. It also caters to clients who speak English and Spanish.

For over 40 years, we've been at the forefront to change employment law. Our goal is to make work more productive for all employees and help employers stay compliant.

Since my office opened, I have been fighting for the rights of employees to fair treatment at work. My partners and I have the knowledge and resources necessary to confront employers and their legal staff and get justice for clients.

Their assistance and communication were excellent, and they were greatly appreciated. They were always available and accommodating to my every need. A true professional and confidant within the legal world.

The Lacy Employment Law is an employment law firm that has a team of labor and employment attorneys in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York. The firm's practice focuses on employment litigation. This includes wrongful termination and discrimination due to disability, race or sexual orientation. The firm also handles wrongfully withheld wages and executive contract violations. It is made up of several experienced trial lawyers, who are specialized in employment law.

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The Lacy Employment Law is a Philadelphia law office that services clients across the metro area. The firm's employment attorneys represent employees in disputes over salaries and overtime pays. They are also members of the National Employment Lawyers Association, which promotes employee rights and supports lawyers who fight for equity and justice in the American workplace. The Lacy Employment Law and Andrew Santillo, the firm's founding partners, have 50 years of combined legal experience and have received various recognitions in the industry.

The Law Offices of The Lacy Employment Law serves clients in Philadelphia, and the surrounding regions. This firm represents both employers as well as employees in various employment legal matters. These include sexual harassment and whistleblower and retaliation claims, Family and Medical Leave Act and discrimination due to gender, race and/or ethnicity. Small businesses do not have an internal legal department and can be accommodated by the firm. The Lacy Employment Law, the firm's legal representative, has nearly thirty years of experience in litigation.

Robert D. Mariani of the U.S. District court approved a $9.5million settlement in a decade-long battle between O-I employees and former Owens-Illinois workers who were denied subsidized benefits for retirement after the O-I bought their business. The outcome of your case and legal situation will impact how you interpret them.

The Lacy Employment Law services clients in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. It provides legal assistance to clients involved with employment law matters. It also practices civil rights, financial litigation, education, banking, and election law. It also handles cases related to real estate, premises, products liability, healthcare, and property. Lacy is the organization's attorney and a member of National Association of College and University Attorneys and Philadelphia Bar Association.

* These awards and accolades were given to the lawyers or to the entire law firm by their respective providers. These are: Avvo Inc. Super Lawyers(r), Martindale Hubbell Top 100 Lawyers and ASLA Top 100 Lawyers. Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Legal Leaders Preeminent Lawyers. Legal Leaders Top Rated Lawyers. Legal Leaders Top Rated Lawyers. Legal Leaders Top Rated Lawyers. Legal Leaders Top Rated Lawyers. Legal Leader's Top 100 Lawyers. The Employee Rights Advocacy Institute for law, policy, Best Lawyers. Lead Counsel Rated. Top Employment Lawyers in Philadelphia. The Supreme Court of New Jersey has not approved these advertisements.

The Lacy Employment Law serves Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. It protects employees who are subject to discriminatory job actions or have been unfairly terminated for their race, gender or religion. These services include work harassment, wrongful arrests and police abuse. Danny Cevallos is one of the firm's lawyers. He represents clients in federal or territorial courts. As MSNBC's legal analyst, he also speaks out on legal issues in the news.

A contract can be negotiated. A knowledgeable attorney can assist with these negotiations. An attorney can help the employer to be held accountable if they break the contract.


The answer is almost always yes. Sometimes this will require paying by the hour for straightforward legal advice for your employment dispute. Legal representation is worth it. You will save money down the road by protecting yourself against wrongful termination or other employment problems. An employment attorney can help you navigate difficult work situations. We represent employees in all types of employment law cases and employment disputes. If you have been wrongfully terminated, let us know how we can help in your wrongful termination suit.

Here are some questions that you should ask. How long will my case take? Am I better off settling early? Will you drop my case if we do not settle after the EEOC process? Have you handled this type of case before? How much of your practice is devoted to employment law?