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The Lacy Employment Law Firm represents New Jersey and Pennsylvania residents. The Lacy Employment Law Firm represents residents of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The Lacy Employment Law Firm has attorneys who can represent people in Philadelphia, Northeast Philadelphia. South Philadelphia. East Falls. Chestnut Hill. Huntingdon Valley. Rydal. Bethayres. Meadowbrook. Perkasie. Yardley. New Hope. Newtown Square. King of Prussia. Exton. Phoenixville. Lansdale. Coatesville. Chester Springs. Glen Mills. Chalfont. Allentown. Erie. Easton. Northampton. Bethlehem. Harrisburg. Pocono. Scranton. Reading. Elizabethtown. Quakertown. Ephrata. Williamsport. Leesport. Lehighton. The Lacy Employment Law Firm is able to represent New Jersey residents in Cherry Hill and Trenton, Flemington. Camden. Gloucester. Mount Laurel. Egg Harbor. Atlantic City. Westfield. Deptford. Voorhees. Princeton. Toms River. Middletown. Franklin. Hunterdon County.

Have you received overtime compensation from your employer that was not paid?

The Lacy Employment Law represents workers and business owners throughout the Philadelphia metro area in employment-related legal matters. Andrew Lacy has more than three decades of experience handling matters that involve accusations of discrimination, sexual harassment, and unlawful retaliation. He also handles cases involving the Fair Labor Standards Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, and Federal False Claims Act as well as Sarbanes-Oxley violations. The Lacy Employment Law offers free initial consultations.

Know Your Options—and How To Protect Yourself OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is tasked with protecting the […]

Were you terminated shortly after being injured on the job or inquiring about workers’ compensation benefits?

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A: Employees can have up to 12 weeks' leave without losing their jobs if they become injured or become sick. Unpaid leave is allowed if PTO can be used. If they are injured on their job, employees may have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim. All these laws are applicable to different employers. An employment attorney will help you understand your rights.

The Lacy Employment Law is an office in Philadelphia that represents workers in class action lawsuits regarding employment class actions. This includes wrongful termination, discrimination or violations of minimum wages, tip stealing, and wrongful termination. Its mission it to assist employees in obtaining damages and legal remedies and protecting their rights. It also handles paraquat, consumer class action, and paraquat cases. John Weston is the firm's partner and has been practicing law since 1977. John is also a member in good standing of The Billion Dollar Lawyers Association.

The Lacy Employment Law Firm excels in Employment Law. They are consistently ranked among the top Employment Law Firms of Pennsylvania. Lacy Employment Law also is a Super Lawyer. These awards are well-deserved for many reasons. This was something I witnessed first-hand in my case. They offered me a free, thorough consultation. This is their standard procedure. Other firms required me to pay $500 for an initial consultation. They did not guarantee I would be accepted. The Lacy Employment Law Firm is available to provide a free, honest and realistic assessment of your situation. The Lacy Employment Law Firm will inform you if your chances at winning are actually low. (Some firms, which are in dire need of clients, will take any case no matter what the merits. Do not pay legal fees in cases where your chances of winning are slim or null. To avoid this, you should first consult The Lacy Employment Law Office. Many of the negative reviews that are posted here have been written by people who were not told the truth about their situation.

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The Lacy Employment Law has a team of professionals who work hard to protect every client's rights. Every situation is different and we provide personalized attention to all clients who come to us for advice. The Lacy Employment Law staff has years of combined experience in dealing with a wide variety of employment-related issues. They are dedicated to providing excellent legal services for employees facing challenging issues.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is responsible for protecting the [...].

Is your employer unable to pay overtime compensation, or has it misclassified you?

If you have been the victim of sexual harassment, whether it be unwelcome advances, demands of sexual favors, inappropriate physical contact or crude jokes, comments, gestures or pictures, you may have the right to be compensated.

Since 1974, we have been at forefront of changes in employment law. We make the workplace more enjoyable for all employees, while keeping employers in compliance.

Each member of staff at The Lacy Employment Law is dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of each client. Every case is different, so our staff gives individual attention to each client who comes to us for legal advice. Every member of The Lacy Employment Law has years of experience in handling a variety of employment law issues. We are committed to offering the best legal service for employees facing difficult issues.

The Lacy Employment Law represents clients in Philadelphia, and the surrounding area in all aspects of employment law. It is focused on employment discrimination. This includes national origin, race and age as well as religious affiliation and disability. It also assists in cases of workplace sexual harassment. Since 1947, Lacy Employment Law has been representing clients against injuries and injustices. They also support organizations like the United Steelworkers and Berks Community Health Center. It can also accommodate clients who speak Spanish and English.

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Their communication and guidance were exceptional, which was greatly appreciated. They were always available for me and attentive to what I needed. Truly a professional and trustworthy person in the legal profession.

Below is a sampling of some of our results. Every case is different and must be judged on its own merits. Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances. We are not able, due to confidentiality agreements required by corporate employers, to reference over 2,000 settlements that we have obtained for our clients and that we are as proud of as the limited number of cases that we can publicly reference below.

They were very helpful and appreciated for their guidance. They were always available and responsive to my needs. They were a true professional and trusted advisor in the legal field.

Are you a worker who was injured at work or enquiring about workers' comp benefits?

Martindale-Hubbell Bar Register has named the Lacy Employment Law Firm a leader in the field civil rights litigation and employment law. Our Philadelphia employment firm is focused exclusively on representation of employees and employers in all aspects relating to employment law, including claims under federal anti-discrimination laws and federal civil right laws. Our New Jersey, Pennsylvania employment lawyers have significant experience in representing employees and employers in employment-related civil rights matters.

The Lacy Employment Law was formed in Philadelphia in 2011. The firm also has offices located in New York and Newark. The firm represents employees in all aspects related to employment law, such as discrimination, sexual harassment and FLSA violations, hostile work environments, wrongful termination, and sexual harassment. The firm also handles ADA complaints and violations. The firm has extensive experience in representing clients before state and federal courts.

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The Lacy Employment Law Firm aims to protect the rights of New Jersey and Pennsylvania workers.

We only represent individuals in disputes against potential, current, and past employers. We are 100% employee-rights focused. Every case is treated like it's the only one. We are aware of how important your rights, livelihood, and financial security are to you. We don't get paid unless our clients win.

The Lacy Employment Law was founded in 2011 in Philadelphia. It also has offices in New York City and Newark. It represents employees in all aspects of employment law including discrimination, harassment, FLSA and hostile work environments. The firm also handles ADA violations and claims. It has extensive experience in bringing cases before federal and state courts, as well as the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is responsible for protecting the [...].


You have been subject to retaliation for complaining about unfair treatment, discriminatory treatment, or reporting potential illegal activities at the workplace.

Since opening my practice, it has been my mission to advocate for fair treatment of employees in the workplace. I am able to rely on my associates for the necessary knowledge and resources to handle employers and their legal teams, and ensure justice for our clients.

The Lacy Employment Law represents Philadelphians involved in employment-related disputes. It represents residents of Philadelphia in employment disputes, including cases involving retaliatory termination, sexual harassment or workplace discrimination. The firm also assists in cases involving automobile accident, medical malpractice, product liability, and wrongful death. Andrew Lacy (firm partner) was honored as one of 10 top attorneys under 40 by The National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys. Gregory Creed Littman who is his partner and co-owner, is a member the New Jersey as well as Florida bars.

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We offer employment law counselling and litigation services to employees located in the Greater Philadelphia Area. We have successfully represented thousands of people in employment-related matters.

A: Unfair treatment does not necessarily mean unlawful treatment. Unfair treatment is not governed by laws. This could include bosses who bully employees or people who make unfair decisions about their time due to nepotism, mood or other factors. These issues are not grounds for a court argument. They do not stand in the same category as unjust judgements based on race or age. If unfair treatment is unlawful, an employment lawyer can help.

The Philadelphia employment lawyers of The Lacy Employment Law Firm are experts in all areas New Jersey and Pennsylvania employment and workplace discrimination laws. Since over 40 years, New Jersey employment attorneys at the firm have represented many clients in cases involving issues such as contract negotiations and labor disputes, sexual harassment, employment discrimination, shareholder oppression, whistleblower claims, and business "divorces". https://employment-labor-law.com/philadelphia-employment-lawyers/

The Lacy Employment Law Law Law offers employees representation in Philadelphia, and other surrounding areas. Andrew Abramson (the principal lawyer) has over 20 years' experience in representing individuals who have been wrongfully terminated because of discrimination on the basis of their age, sexuality, or medical condition. He represents workers who have been victim to sexual harassment, mediates between different contracts and agreements, and protects whistleblowers. Abramson is an expert in employment law and can help clients develop strategies that accomplish their goals.

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Choosing an attorney is not easy. Here�s some things we suggest you consider. Look at the attorney�s credentials. If an attorney went to a top law school, you can expect a certain standard of competence. You should then look at experience. Does the attorney have some listed experience on their website that makes them stand out? But, above all else, you should trust your gut. If your attorney seems like a jerk, do not hire him or her. Contrary to popular belief, being a jerk attorney is not an asset in law; it is a liability. A good attorney will have good relationships with opposing counsel. This relationship can and will help you get a better outcome. Jerk attorneys never form these relationships.

Employment and labor attorneys in Philadelphia, PA tend to be aggressive. Even securing legal counsel for a wrongful termination suit can be challenging due to the overwhelming volume of employment litigation in Philadelphia, PA. When you�re fighting to enforce federal civil rights laws and stop workplace discrimination, large companies take notice. But just because large companies and their employment law attorneys are aggressive, does not make sure you should be scared. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. And we have a proven track record of taking on Goliath.

There are a lot of different practice areas for employment related disputes. Although wage loss might be considered labor law, we handle these types of issues. The Fair Labor Standards Act protects you from your employer stealing your wages. Also, like state anti discrimination laws, PA has anti-wage theft laws that protect you. Wage and hour claims comprise a good portion of the legal issues that we see. Let us help you recover your unpaid wages.